Dr. Qingsheng Qi


     Dr. Qingsheng Qi, received his Ph.D in University of Muenster, Germany. Then he became a staff member in University of Chemnitz, Germany. Since 2004, he is full professor in State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology in Shandong University, People’s Republic of China. Meanwhile, he is joint professor of National Glycoengineering Research Center.
     He published approximately 170 papers in international and national journals, such as Metabolic Engineering, Appl. Environ. Microbiol., and Nature communication.
     Web: http://www.en.mbtechinst.qd.sdu.edu.cn/info/1050/1113.htm
     Current research interest is focusing on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of microorganisms. Specifically, these interest includes:
1) Developing the metabolic and biosynthetic methods or tools for the synthetic biology;
2) Investigations of the molecular mechanisms of stress response during the metabolic engineering and fermentation process in these micro-organisms;
3) Pathway engineering of micro-organisms towards the efficient production of useful bulk chemicals and value added compounds.