Madihah Md Salleh


Associate Professor Dr. Madihah Md Salleh is currently a lecturer at the Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Technology Malaysia (UTM). She graduated with BSc (Biotechnology) from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in 1990. She was employed as a contract researcher at the Department of Biotechnology, Institute Medical Research (IMR), Kuala Lumpur before pursuing for her Master degree. She obtained her Ph.D (Biotechnology) from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2000. She has developed her strong research interest in the field of Biorefinery Technology and Industrial Biotechnology. Her project focusing on the utilization of several types of biomass such as agricultural wastes to value-added products via enzymatic reactions and fermentation processes. In addition, she also contributed significantly towards research in microbial nanocellulose, enzyme and fermentation technology and Environmental Biotechnology.  Apart from being the project leader to her own research grant obtained from MOSTI and University Grant, she also contributed her expertise in several projects related to microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) in collaboration with Malaysian Oil and Gas Company, PETRONAS.  She expanded her research expertise in research collaboration with UK-Southest Asia Small Scale Research Partneships Project-Newton Ungku Omar Fund (UK-SEA-NUOF) for project entitled “Sustainable production of compost, biofuels and chemicals from oil palm residues” in collaboration with the University of York UK. Her expertise in fermentation and enzymes technology has been applied for the project entitled “Harnessing Sustainable Development Opportunities from Oil Palm Waste: Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a Novel Income Stream in Malaysia”. This project is funded by the Malaysian Industry-Goverment Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and Biotechnology and Biological Research Council, UK under Newton Fund Impact Scheme.  Besides that, she is also involved in several projects related to the food industry such as ADABI for the development of cat food flavor development from chicken wastes via bioprocessing methods. As part of her academic life, she is actively involved as Executive Board Members of Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB), Deputy President of AFOB Malaysia Chapter and Korean Asian Biomass Consortium. She had supervised and co supervised more than 100 post-graduate (PhD and MSc). She had also supervised more than 300 undergraduate students’ final year research projects.